We're happy to announce that savvy cultural observers Buns and Chou Chou, and their show "Rabbit Bites," will soon be showing up regularly on Video Dog. They're going to seriously class up the joint...

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New York Times
Bugs Bunny has got nothing on Rabbit Bites, the popular series that gives a whole new meaning to the term “wise cracking rabbits.”...

Incisive observations and even random, unexpectedly philosophical, artistic, or historical references sprinkled throughout the show.

I have a feeling they are

going to run and run....


















Rabbit Bites Podcast Grabs One Year Sponsorship from Purina

The show features two rabbits interviewing or making subtle commentary about mainstream entertainment fare.  It’s both cleverly written and amateurly produced - two factors that work to somehow make it better than the sum of its parts.





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 By combining sharp humor with rabbit commentary, they’ve managed to win the hearts of their fans.



Though seemingly innocuous, Buns and Chou Chou mount a serious doctrinal challenge to the rise of a pernicious paradigm that threatens to transform Food Network into a 24/7 outlet for the dispensing of ill-concealed exploitation television.








Rabbit Bites is an incredibly surreal comedic look at popular culture.


Every now and then we find a diamond in the rough, something that is simply too wonderful not to be shared with you. Thanks to Rabbit Bites!


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