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Kid, we let you rub shoulders with the "glitterati". What else would you expect from two Hollywood rabbits?




Bobby Lee (MadTV)
Bobby Lee Bobby Loves Chou Chou!
Buns and Chou were visited by the funniest member of Fox’s Mad TV,
Bobby Lee. Bobby puts the moves on Chou, much to the dismay of Buns…

Tom Papa (Bee Movie)

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Tom Pappa is Funny!
That’s what the Boston Globe says. Judge for yourself when Tom sits down for Coffee with Chou and tells us about his role in Bee Movie and more.


Jane Lynch (Talladega Nights, Best in Show)
Jane Lynch and Steve Carell in Universal Pictures' The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Chou Chou Serenade
Who could forget the scene in 40 Year old Virgin where Jane Lynch offers to deflower Steve Carrell? Well Jane Lynch sat down with Buns and Chou to serenade them with a song she wrote just for Rabbit Bites.


Michael Ian Black (VH1, Stella, McSweeney's)



Sarcasm Rules!
Michael Ian Black, your favorite from VH1, Stella and McSweeney's gets all sarcastic with our resident long-eared cutups.


William Redpath ( Chairman of the Libertarian Party)
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Will Hillary or Rudy have the moxie to sit down with furry interviewers? We’re not too sure. Nevertheless, William Redpath (Chairman of the Libertarian Party) is…ahem…game. He gets our vote for most courageous politician!
David Alan Grier (In Living Color, The Hustle, Chocolate News)
Bobby Lee David Loves Rabbits...
Especially with a nice Merlot. But, unlike the French, who also eat rabbit, he doesn't talk funny. We are obliged to watch!

Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille, King of Queens)

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Some of his Best Friends are Rabbits!
Oh? really!?




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